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HUAWEI FTTR Construction

Fiber Polisher + UV Curing + Fiber Microscpe in one device

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Huawei Innovative FTTR Solution

The Fiber to the Room (FTTR) all-optical Wi-Fi solution directly extends optical fibers to each room, achieving gigabit coverage everywhere at home. The Huawei Inspiration Lab proposes an innovative photoelectric composite micro optical cable and FTTR construction solution.

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Innovative FTTR Construction

Case of FTTR Reconstruction for a 200㎡ Three-Story Villa
Network status before reconstruction
The broadband package is 1000 Mbps. The network cable in the living room is a category-5 cable and only four cores are used for termination. The speed is about 70 Mbps close to the wireless router. The second and third floors are far away from APs, and the Wi-Fi rate is about 20 Mbps.

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Our device is combined with fiber polisher+UV curing+ fiber microscope which can make field termination in a short time with very high quality. It is very suitable for HUAWEI FTTR construction. Our device supports UPC and APC fiber polishing mode.FC, LC, SC or other type connectors are available to polish. This polisher is widely used in the field assembly, and fiber connector re-polishing for optical network installation and maintenance in Mobile, Telecom, CATV and data center system.

It is an idea toolkit for Villas, Duplex Houses, Large Apartments and Common Residences when make fiber cable deployment.